Because Time is Always of the Essence

Because Time is Always of the Essence

Auction Catalog

September Consignment Auction

We are currently accepting items for the September Consignment Sale.

Locations will include:
3610 Durand Rd., Durand
781 Hull Rd., Mason
1007 S. Washington St., Owosso.

To consign, please call Troy at 989-666-6339, Eric at 989-666-0664, Doug at 517-749-7976, Jason at 517-256-3427 or Theresa at 989-666-4964.

All items to be picked up:
Thursday, September 22 from 9-11 AM at Mason
Thursday, September 22 from 2-4 PM at Durand

Friday, September 23 from 10-11 AM at Mason
Friday, September 23 from 1-3 PM at Owosso