Because Time is Always of the Essence

Because Time is Always of the Essence

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8150 Warren Rd Elsie, MI Shiawassee County (78+/- Acres)

78+/- Acres offered in two (2) tracts.

Tract #1: 38+/- Acres 001-04-400-004
Tract #2: 40+/- Acres 001-04-400-003

Fairfield Township, Shiawassee County

26 marked trees on the property have been previously sold. Buyer agrees to let these trees be harvested, which will happen no later than April 28, 2013. Buyer will assume the sellers rights and position in the timber contract found in the file section of the website.

Open house March 20, 1-3pm

Contact Troy Crowe 989.666.6339 or Doug Sheridan 517.749.7976 for more information.